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Inrush current and Input current of Power Adapter---Power adapter Basic knowledge Lesson Four

Author:Engineering Dep. Date:7/17/2014 9:43:25 AM
                                                                                           Inrush Current
Capacitor begin to work when power adapter starts,and will be charged by a large current which is start inrush current,inrush current may lead to bridge rectifier(rectifier diode) and fuse tube burn out if it is too large.
This parameter mainly measure how much inrush current which power adapter can bear when it start working.Generally,it is less than 30A for small output power adapter and 60A for slightly larger output power adapter at cold start (input 220Vac/50Hz).
Test equipment: current probe, digital oscilloscope, electronic load meter, AC power source.
                                                                       Input Current
Current always exists at input end during power adapter working,and that is input current.Generally,the maximum input current will occur when input voltage is lowest.
Some users have special requirements of this parameter,and it is related with the following factors:input voltage,output power, PF (power factor),efficiency etc..