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Definition and classification of switching power supply---Power adapter Basic knowledge Lesson One

Author:Engineering Dep. Date:7/7/2014 10:57:20 PM
Switching power supply is relative to linear power supply.It rectify AC into DC at the input end, under the high-frequency oscillation circuit,with the switch controlling the on-off of the electric current to get high frequency pulse current,then outlet stable low-voltage direct current after the inductance(high frequency transformer).Because the core size of transformer is inversely proportional to the square of its working frequency,it can be smaller by increasing working frequency.This can greatly minish the power transformer to reduce weight and volume of switching power supply.High frequency can reduce the switching loss of switching power supply,so its efficiency is much higher than linear power  to save energy. So switching power supply is widely used for mobile phone,tablet PC,notebook computer,LED lamp,router,security system, monitoring system,massage, motors, and other industrial equipment. 

 In accordance with the basic appearance,Switching power supply can be divided into the following categories: power adapter, iron case power,open frame power board, chassis power supply,track power etc,we will focus on power adapter herewith.

ower adapter is power supply tranformer equipment of small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances, generally consists of shell,transformer and rectification circuit.Power adapter can be divided into AC output and DC output type according to output type and can be divided into plug in and desktop style according to connection type.